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It's been several months since I've last updated anything here, so... What have I been doing?

Most of you know that I've been in the Finnish military service since last January and I'm pleased to say that most of it is over. The final season has started, which is mostly infantry training, a few camps and the final battle, which tests all our learnt skills in simulated action. Nonetheless, I have only 78 days of military service left and will be sent home September 17th. 

As for mocing, I've been too busy to do any, except for one thing, which I'll eventually post someday when I get around to photo it. Ideas have been running around during my military service though, and it's such a pain to not be able to execute them due to lack of time. One certain thing running in my mind recently has been my selfmoc, Monarth... Perhaps it's the lack of idea for the next version or something else, but I've been thinking of giving him a bit of rest. In other words, I'm thinking of making a new selfmoc. The new character would still be related to him, though for a change would actually live in the matoran universe of the bionicleverse. Though I don't always understand my thoughts, my reasoning feels to be the lack of connection in the mocing community. I don't know how some you people are so connected, but I have to admit, I envy you. So, I'm figuring if my selfmoc isn't so distant in the bionicleverse, perhaps there's then something a bit more than before that I can achieve. Either way, I want to try something different. Though before I can even build anything, I need a long holiday and that's gonna take a while...

Have a nice day folks, I'm off to my unit.
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I think the solitude here is getting to my head... :B
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July 1, 2014