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December 20, 2012
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The Earth Type

Environment: Earth drachenians live underground, carving their villages inside rocks. Alone they aren't much of carvers, having very disproportionate homes, but with the help of their related types their villages can be quite impressive in exterior and interior design.

Physicality: Earth drachenians are the most brutish and bulked of all drachenian types, with a wide shoulder span, large muscular arms and strong legs. Instead of horns their heads often possess strong boned caps, which feel no pain. Their horns also tend to be thick, strong and curve forwards to protect the head and face.

Personality: Being able to crush pretty much anything, the earth types haven't had much time to develop patience. Thus they are the most aggressive of drachenians, preferring to solve things with fists. They are rational too, but cannot control themselves after passing a certain point of anger.

Color: Earth types are always black, but usually have different areas of their body also colored silver and different shades of grey.

Preferred weapons: Being the strongest of drachenians, earth types prefer heavy weapons, such as big axes, flails, maces and hammers, all which they also use as tools in digging in the mines.

Abilities: Earth draken are very strong, allowing them to move soil easily by hand. Instead of an elemental form, they can form protection over their scales from soil and rock. Controlling earth is very limited to earth types, but they can still raise soil and rocks around them or in a straight line by sending energy waves on ground with their hands. They can only have one or both of the previously mentioned, from which the latter is rare. The standard abilities of drachenians do not apply in their case, yet they still are very strong with the abilities they have.

The Stone Type

Environment: The stone types live usually with their related types underground, but also form villages in rocky areas and deserts.

Physicality: They are the smallest of all drachenians, being about two thirds of a normal draken in body proportions. Any spikes or other body extensions are usually very short and stub on them.

Personality: Although the smallest, the stone types are one of the most curious and innovative versions of drachenians, excelling as sculptors and designers and being hired to create statues. They also help the earth types a lot in renovating their villages to look better. They like to look for new materials and many have found taste for sculpting sandstone. They are also very peaceful, but steadfast, making them not afraid to battle.

Color: All kinds of shades of brown. They can also have spots of silver on their bodies.

Preferred weapons: Being small, the stone types are very non-violent and don't like to fight. When necessary though, they aren't afraid of picking up their tools, like pickaxes, chisels and hammers.

Abilities: Stone types don't have the standard abilities of drachenians, but are able to create stoned hides for armor and have very keen abilities to sense structures of whatever they touch and thus exploiting weaknesses, which they can use for their advantage. They are also very precise with their movement, hitting almost always the spot they want while sculpting or fighting. They all have these abilities as opposed to the small selections of many other types. Accustomed to dry conditions, they can survive long times without a drink.

The Sound Type

Environment: Sound drachenians live underground in cave systems, as they often prefer solitude and retract from society due to their special abilities. If having enough control over their skills, they are able to live in villages too with other terra types. Anywhere else they are a rare sight.

Physicality: Sound types are of the average size of drachenians, but slightly stronger than average to compell with necessary rock lifting.

Personality: Sound types don't talk much as they are weak to sounds, because of their sharp hearing. They use their abilities to learn to become as silent as possible and don't let social bonds distract them too much, isolating often themselves to train.

Color: Different shades of dark grey. Sometimes they have some areas of body silver.

Preferred weapons: The silent weapons are their favorites, throwing stars, daggers and bows. They sometimes simply use a straight stick (more often used to train) to fight.

Abilities: Sound types have a very sensitive hearing, making them able to use sound to see. They can use sonar to completely see in the dark, aswell as create loud stunning screams and also vibrate their bodies to create small shockwaves strong enough to break a drachenian sized stone. As there are various gemstones underground, a specific one called a sonic crystal can be made to glow for some time using sonic vibrations of a sound type. Other drachenian abilities are not available to them. However they all have the whole selection of their powers as opposed to the few abilites many other types can have from a wide selection.

The Metal Type

History: Although related to the other terra types, the metal drachenians have become near extinct, with just a few alive, but refusing to tell what happened. Rumors say though, that they were geniuses with knowledge over metals and minerals, which lead them to experiment a lot and creating deadly inventions, the power of which they didn't realise. Blinded by their experimenting, it was decided that their thriving city would be destroyed. However, they all vanished before the planned attack and only a corpse of a city was left. Some say they hid underground and some think that one of their experiments went wrong, vanishing them. Just rumors though, the city's fate is unknown.

Environment: They once lived in a thriving city in an area of deserts and tall rocks rich in minerals, which was later found destroyed. The few metal drachenians left are found here and there scattered all across different villages, where they try to live normal lives.

Physicality: Metal drachenians are of the average drachenian size. They are a little weak in strength however, as they mostly concentrated on their experimenting.

Personality: Unknown. The few ones left are often considered a little insane, muttering words in shivers once in a while, being highly afraid of something, nervous and live a little isolated from social interaction.

Color: Different shades of lighter gray, with some black details here and there. All of them also possess a few spots in their bodies colored orange, which seemed to have a dim glow, which was most notable at night.

Preferred weapons: Unknown. They were said to have tools that spit fire, however, whatever that means though is unknown.

Abilities: Unknown.

The Terra Type

History: As the drachenians were created there was no earth, stone, sound and metal types. Instead there was the terra type, which was so powerful, that the creator decided to split it into four different types, making it necessary for them to cooperate with one another and balance out their powers. However, it is possible for a terra type to be born, yet extremely rare, maybe once in a thousand years or so, by having the genes of all the sub-terra types: earth, stone, sound and metal. They do however seem to live much shorter lives than other drachenians as two of them have never been known to exist at the same time nor live long.

Physicality: The legend says that the terra types were the largest and strongest of all drachenians.

Personality: Unknown. They were the most powerful of all however, so it is assumed that they were powerhungry and greedy.

Color: Scales of black and grey, with small orange areas around their bodies, which were said to channel their powers, and silver spikes, horns and other details.

Preferred weapons: Unknown.

Abilities: The legends tell how they could hit their fists on the ground, cracking the soil, from which flames and fireballs flew out or how they jumped so high that their landing caused an earthquake or how they toppled mountains like it was nothing. Nothing really explains the source of their power, but the key element appears to be in the metal drachenians, who sadly happen to be near extinct and insane.
Phew! A larger chunk o' types. Had to put them in the same page as they are all connected in a way.