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Plantimus by Monarth
Lazy name, I know. I just don't even know what I built. I just wanted to fuse all IFB beasts into a single entity that had big feet and a flower on its back. Kinda venusaur-inspired, but my main idea for the cocoon pieces. In the end this wasn't much of a fusion though, so many left over pieces. Lack of double-socket pieces made this rather difficult to construct aswell.

I'll try to build something serious next time... ^^;

Claw Machine by Monarth
Claw Machine
"The Claw Machine combines high mobility with containment capabilities. Armed with various weapons, a containment tank and a functional claw, it can take on the jumpers aswell as provide manual labor and lifting where it is required."

Another fusion, this time between Rocka Crawler and the 6-legged Evo Walker from the Queen Beast set. This fusion is in my eyes perfect: there's nothing off-looking, the visuals are good and it blends 100% of the pieces of the fused counterparts. I couldn't be happier with it. =)
Head Beast by Monarth
Head Beast
"The Head Beast is a four-winged terror of both skies and the ground. Seeking prey with its three heads, it is an excellent tracker and a brutish fighter, needing no second encouragement to engage in battle no matter what the situation. By the power it possesses, it lacks loyalty for the hive as it has no problem hurting its own kind that are on its way. However, it always obeys the queen, albeit loosely as it takes freedom on methods for how it completes the commands."

A combination of Splitter, Flyer and Jaw Beasts I made back on April. This construct was aimed to beat the dull looking official combiner and I think I beat it by a mile. =)
Apprentice Beast by Monarth
Apprentice Beast
"The Apprentice Beast is a loyal student and a guard for the Queen Beast. Learning the ways of the beast royalty, she has claimed her place as an excellent protector of the beast hive, bringing as much offense as defense depending on the situation."

This creation was a fusion between Queen, Crystal and Tunneler Beasts. Fusing them was something to get me back started on mocing and gain inspiration. You can imagine how much military dulls your brain ^^;

My new ministudio really helps me improve on pictures. =)
Ministudio Test by Monarth
Ministudio Test
Just a quickie shot I took with my new ministudio to see what kind of results I can get. I didn't exactly focus with the camera so it's a bit grainy.

In the past I've troubled with the photoshooting of my mocs practically on every aspect: the camera, lighting, background, being at the mercy of weather and so on. I just today received on mail my new ministudio I ordered recently. It has practically everything I need: 2 spotlights, 4 background colors and a camera stool so I'm quite set to go back to mocing with an improved setup. (As I got out of the military just 2 weeks ago.)

The moc in question isn't exactly posed, so expect a better picture with an actual description of the figure soon enough =)
Loading... create. My fingers are itching :B Just 1 more month left in the military.


Monarth's Profile Picture
Jesse Åhlgren
I think I can elaborate myself a bit better than before...

I am a 19 year old young man from Finland, who has a deep creative passion. For now I've had mainly two hobbies with origamis and legos of the Bionicle era. I do believe I have also many other talents which I haven't been able to put to use, due to lack of funds and/or equipment, but I am willing to learn new things if an opportunity appears. Aside from artistic construction, I have the tendency to create backstories for nigh all characters I ever create. Whole worlds unfold constantly in my mind and I believe I could use this gift for developing video games for example.

I've had a deep passion for dragons since my childhood and it developed further after being introduced to the Legend of Spyro game saga, which I completely adore. After a few steps I began to characterize myself in the form of a dragon known as Monarth, which was my first and original personified character which I'm most bonded with. As life progressed and I faced different things, the color scheme of Monarth stayed as I created variations of him for different purposes, like a wolf with the same name for the game FeralHeart and a lego version as a species known as drachenian, a half-dragon creature, to be more builder friendly if anyone ever considered tributing him.

Even though I'm far from the typical artist, I have a big respect for the artistic community, especially dragon artists as I find it unique when someone has a deep connection with a personified character like I did and probably still do.

Although I'm willful to develop my personified dragon in appearance, I fear my artistic skill as a drawer isn't sufficient, even though I have a quite clear vision of the character. I may have to turn to other artists regarding this issue, but I'm not sure if I'm worthy.

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