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MOCking About: Protector Nui by Monarth
MOCking About: Protector Nui
Fusion of all the protectors. Left is normal state and right is guns deployed.

All I can say is that it was tricky to build, considering how one-directional the CCBS connections are.
MOCking About: The Defenders by Monarth
MOCking About: The Defenders
Each of these guys is a fusion of two protectors:
-Water + Ice = Defender of Arctic, The Artillery
-Jungle + Stone = Defender of Savanna, The Hunter
-Fire + Earth = Defender of Scorched Lands, The Berserker

All the new pieces involved in the new Bionicle sets just give so much potential for even minimalistic mocing. If it only takes two protectors to build one of these guys, I have to top my hat to LEGO for giving something worth buying. Just one more thing to do and that is to fuse them all into a Protector Nui.

Kramata: Spirit of the Mask by Monarth
Kramata: Spirit of the Mask
A lone half of Monarth's spirit stuck in an old ceremonial mask, revived by a band of surviving kraata on the reformed Spherus Magna. Became their leader by request and aswell as a father figure and seeks a way to make them thrive again. In other words searches for the power of a makuta, with the guidance of his kraata assistant, to create more kraata. Isn't aware of the full details.

Powers include:
-Shadow control
-Has no mortal body nor feels physical pain. Body consists of elemental shadow shaped after a rahkshi armor he absorbed. Whatever damage there is, he can regenerate as long as he is in shadow.
-Mental link with his other half, Wraith Monarth. They can't communicate, but he occasionally receives memories through dreams from his other half. Works only when both are asleep at the same time, but not very often even if conditions are met.
-Old fighter instincts received through previously mentioned ability.

-Body disintegrates when under an elemental or a strong natural light source. Mask is the only non-elemental body part, which is what remains and falls to the ground under these circumstances.
-Body disintegrates also when asleep. He doesn't need sleep, but still does so instinctively due to his drachenian heritage.
-Mask is made of a strong metal, but still destroyable. If completely disintegrated, Kramata's spirit will vanish.
-Can be easily contained if the mask is kept under a constant powerful light source.

Full story, gallery and my thoughts:

PS. This creation is over a year old. I forgot about him during my military service and remembered him just recently.
Loading... create. My fingers are itching :B Just 1 more month left in the military.


Monarth's Profile Picture
Jesse Åhlgren
I think I can elaborate myself a bit better than before...

I am a 19 year old young man from Finland, who has a deep creative passion. For now I've had mainly two hobbies with origamis and legos of the Bionicle era. I do believe I have also many other talents which I haven't been able to put to use, due to lack of funds and/or equipment, but I am willing to learn new things if an opportunity appears. Aside from artistic construction, I have the tendency to create backstories for nigh all characters I ever create. Whole worlds unfold constantly in my mind and I believe I could use this gift for developing video games for example.

I've had a deep passion for dragons since my childhood and it developed further after being introduced to the Legend of Spyro game saga, which I completely adore. After a few steps I began to characterize myself in the form of a dragon known as Monarth, which was my first and original personified character which I'm most bonded with. As life progressed and I faced different things, the color scheme of Monarth stayed as I created variations of him for different purposes, like a wolf with the same name for the game FeralHeart and a lego version as a species known as drachenian, a half-dragon creature, to be more builder friendly if anyone ever considered tributing him.

Even though I'm far from the typical artist, I have a big respect for the artistic community, especially dragon artists as I find it unique when someone has a deep connection with a personified character like I did and probably still do.

Although I'm willful to develop my personified dragon in appearance, I fear my artistic skill as a drawer isn't sufficient, even though I have a quite clear vision of the character. I may have to turn to other artists regarding this issue, but I'm not sure if I'm worthy.

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