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Happy 99th independence day, Finland. (Dec. 6th) :iconsaluteplz:
300... 300 watchers... :icondragonshock1:
I made it! :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

Now show me how much further you can take me before the end of the year. :icondragongrin:
5 more watchers and my goal for this year is complete. :icondragondrivel: I started 2016 with exactly 200 watchers, so it's been nice following the progress throughout the year.
Schoolwork's been giving me a bit of pressure as the end of the course has been approaching. Haven't really had time nor energy for mocing because of it. :icondragontired: I'll have to endure 3 more weeks.

I have a general idea of the last warden moc, but I'll need my time, energy and motivation back to get working on him.
Happy 6th birthday you glorious selfmoc o' mine:…
Enjoy this little timeline of his development. =)
So :iconbioniclenuva: and I got into a bit of a conversation and I thought I'd share it's conclusion with you.

Where it actually started was that I had begun to dig out and rebuild my old Slizers sets, which I successfully pulled off. For those of you who don't know, Slizers/Throwbots were the very first constraction line LEGO had created, basically Bionicle's ancestors. As I was building, I had done some googling on the sets to find instructions and other info to complete them properly. What stood out in it all was both their cheap price and their surprising range of variation in set design. When you looked at them, each set used mostly the same parts, but just by arranging them slightly differently made all of them feel very individual and unique.

So that got me thinking: I would be totally ok with it if LEGO's next constraction line was something minimalistic and affordable like them. And why do I think that?

So G2 bonkles didn't sell well. And I figured the sheer price and ambition of the waves played a role in G2's downfall. First of all, the toa waves had too many sets. There's no way a series can be collectable if there's 13 sets to buy in a wave. Second, they weren't affordable to the target demographic: kids and tweens. Combined with the size of each wave, no child can pull out over 100 bucks to collect a whole wave, nor get accustomed to being a fan. On the contrary the early years of G1 bonkles were more affordable and thus more collectable. (Toa Mata were mere 8 bucks a set.)

And thus we concluded that the smartest move LEGO could do in that regard is that whatever constraction line they make, they should downsize the sets a level and simplify the story. The regular sets should be about Protector/Creature sized, but slightly more intricate in build, and no more than 10 bucks. The titan sets would drop into 20 buck toa size category, more intricate again (more complex than a ccbs torso build), and the waves would be more controlled. Variation in set design should be focus and expressing potential through combo models.

The point would be to accumulate a new fanbase with something simple, interesting and affordable that maintains the potential to be collectable. With 10-buck sets and a reasonable amount of sets per wave, one would think they'd sell better.

What do you guys think on this matter?

Also thanks to bioniclenuva for helping my thoughts on this. Go watch him =)


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Jesse Åhlgren
Artist | Hobbyist | Other

A Bionicle nut ever since the beginning. Don't forget dragons and transformers either. Also an admin of the notorious BionicleMOCersLeague.

22 year old finn by now and currently studying information and communication technology (ICT) with plans to take video game applications after the first year. Dreamer of becoming a game designer.

I'm a chill guy so feel free to comment if you wanna chat.

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