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Been a few years since I've last built a bigass titan...
In other words, the last warden is finally coming along nicely and hopefully finished by mid-April. :icondragonspif:
Going to be presenting my mocs and hobby at Toys 'R' Us, Espoo, this weekend at Brick Days. Should be fun. :icondragonshy2plz: Any Finnish mocers seeing this, feel free to drop by.
Ever realised that all middle-eastern countries' flags' colors are the same as the four horsemen of the apocalypse? :iconhailinglip: They're living the symbolism too well.
This song is too legit, even if it's a parody.
I just watched Bionicle: the Mask of Light out of nostalgia, and for the first time in english. It's nice to compare the finnish dub to the original cast and simultaneously ruin your childhood :icondragonmanplz:
So, I got tagged by :iconmana-ramp-matoran: and who am I to say no when a friend asks a question? Anywho, not gonna tag anyone here as arguably Dave already managed to tag all my candidates and other than that I feel too lazy and antisocial.

The Unluckiest Tag


1: Write the rules or copy and paste them.
2: Write 13 things about yourself.
3: Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
4: Tag 13 deviants.
5: Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6: Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
7: It's forbidden to not tag anyone.
8: Tag backs are allowed.
9: If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you.

So, on to the point, 13 facts about me:
:bulletpurple:I was born on April Fool's day and my name day, August 13th, coincides with international left hander's day. I'm left handed.
:bulletpurple:My head is slightly oval due to birth complications. For what I've heard I was pulled out with a suction cup, which ripped one of my neck muscles.
:bulletpurple:I was a naíve kid due to my Asperger's. With pentecostal raising I early on went asking everyone "Do you believe in God?" I soon learned not everyone was a christian.
:bulletpurple:My military rank is Cannoneer. My actual military job was artillery pointer and underwater surveyor though.
:bulletpurple:I used to like sleeping in weird places. I've slept under a table, under a bed, on a balcony in a hut made of mattresses, under the pile of mattresses when the hut collapsed and... in a dog cage. My neck was a little cramped after that last one.
:bulletpurple:I get sick about once a year. Otherwise I'm quite resilient.
:bulletpurple:As a side effect of Asperger's, I suffer from sensory defensiveness. While my other senses have (mostly) toned down, my sense of taste still prevents me from eating any vegetables, most fruits and berries. The edibility involves also the texture and not just the taste. It's a miracle I have no health complications.
:bulletpurple:I'm super picky on my subs and favs.
:bulletpurple:I can solve the rubik's cube.
:bulletpurple:I am team Instinct.
:bulletpurple:My username translates to 'many plains resonance' in matoran language.
:bulletpurple:My 10th mociversary is coming this year.
:bulletpurple:I watch toy reviews by Baltmatrix. I get really fascinated by how Transformers toys transform :meow:

13 questions by Dave:
1. Fantasy you've had(could be a dream or just an idea for something you've had).
-I have varying daydreams/fantasies of being part of different worlds and different beings. Some of these are: being a dragon, being a transformer, being a digimon tamer, being a pokemon trainer, being a toa, being Monarth in my story, etc, etc. I get new ones every now and then when I absorb different media to my conscious.

2. Who online would you like to meet in person the most? It doesn't have to be me.
-I have a long time canadian friend from some forums. While we no longer talk much, I'd still arguably pick him for a meeting.
3. What was a difficult point in your past, and how did you overcome it?
-There's a period which I like to call my '7 years of anguish'. It was a combination of a lot of things: alienation, being bullied, finding out I was an Asperger, secrets, my aggressive nature back then and dealing with social problems caused by the aforementioned Asperger's.

As you can guess, it took roughly 7 years to overcome it all. Early on it was easy to blame Asperger's for my problems, but it was a bad idea to try and gain sympathy with it. My aggressive nature literally disappeared overnight when I prayed for it when I was 14. My other issues gradually vanished once I got to high school. I found a couple of friends, was no longer bullied and I gradually worked on my social problems by trying to be with people more. My situation was pretty good at the end of high school.

4. Favorite Pizza Topping?
5. What is something that you've really enjoyed lately(food, video game, movie, some music, etc)?
-Discovering new Abridged series. Also Sly trilogy. And I got back in tune with anime aswell.

6. Confess something to me right now. Is there something you've wanted to say to me but haven't for some reason? Spit it out! You can note me if you feel the need to.
-You have a bit too strong tone with your opinions. Simply put, I think you swear too much when shooting an argument.

7. You get to build yourself a totally new artificial body(Cyborg Ghost In The Shell style) you get to have complete control over what it would look like or what it could do, what would it look like and what functions or features would it have?
-This: TFP Soundwave. Just add a lizard head, a tail and claws and I'm set.

8. You get to live in the fictional world of your choosing, which one would you want to live in as a being from that fictional world?
-Like I mentioned in #1, there's quite a few choices that kinda vary in preferrance. At the moment probably the Digital World.

9. Are you doing alright? Anything I can do to help? Hug
-Unless you know some SQL, I'm good.

10. What's something or someone that you think is totally overrated and you don't get why people like it/them?
-Multiculturalism. Because it doesn't work. Do as the Romans do or get out of the land.

11. Like it hot(in the summer time) or cold(winter)?

12. *stealing this question* Biggest pet peeve
-Kids touching my stuff without permission.

13. Pick a Magic The Gathering Color:

  • White(Order/Justice/Unity),
  • Blue(Knowledge/Control/Intelligence),
  • Black(Selfishness/Death/Ambition),
  • Red(Aggression/Passion/Freedom)
  • Green(Nature/Strength/Self Reliance),
which one fits you best? 


Monarth's Profile Picture
Jesse Åhlgren
Artist | Hobbyist | Other

A Bionicle nut ever since the beginning. Don't forget dragons and transformers either. Also an admin of the notorious BionicleMOCersLeague.

22 year old finn by now and currently studying information and communication technology (ICT) with plans to take video game applications after the first year. Dreamer of becoming a game designer.

I'm a chill guy so feel free to comment if you wanna chat.


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